Herbal tea – Pure Chamomile Flowers (20 tea bags)

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Chamomile is a gentle and relaxing herb enjoyed for centuries by Europeans as a tonic. The daisy-like chamomile flower has an upli‑ing aroma reminiscent of apples. The subtle flavour of chamomile is concentrated in the flower and this infusion offers the pure infusion of the chamomile flower, without leaves and stem. Chamomile is often enjoyed as a relaxing, naturally caffeine-free infusion before bedtime, with its soothing aroma and very delicate flavour.

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Pack size: 30g carton box – 20 tea bags

Ingredients: 100% chamomile flowers

How to prepare Dilmah chamomile tea:
– Boil water to 95 – 100ºC
– Use one tea bag per tea cup (about 220ml water)
– Brew for 3 to 5 minutes
– Remove the tea bag and enjoy
– Pair Dilmah decaffeinated Chamomile Tea with Apple Pie, Salads, Roast Turkey, Nuts, Mint Ice Cream. To relax, add a spoonful of honey.



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