Fruit Tea – Orange & Ginger flavoured Ceylon black tea (20 tea bags)

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A sweet and gentle orange flavour is presented in fiery friendship with a piquant and throat warming ginger. The sweetness of orange yields to a spirited and sharp ginger. A delicious combination with a wonderfully fruity wonderful aroma.

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Pack size: 30g carton box – 20 tea bags

Ingredients: 100% premium Ceylon black tea, orange fragrance, ginger fragrance

How to prepare Dilmah tea:
– Boil water to 95 – 100ºC
– Use one tea bag per tea cup (about 220ml water)
– Brew for 3 to 5 minutes
– Remove the tea bag and enjoy
– Dilmah orange and ginger flavoured Ceylon black tea is best taken straight. The orange and ginger combination provides some relief for those with a sore throat or under a mild cold.


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