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Natural Liquid Fabric Softener Lavender & Eucalyptus 946ml

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Our fabric softener uses plant-based ingredients and essential oils for a cozy softness that will really make you feel good. Scented with essential oils of natural, fresh pine and French lavender.

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We Care: Seventh Generation Natural Liquid Fabric Softeners use a plant-derived softening agent, so you can enjoy naturally soft clothes without wondering how they got that way.

– Concentrated softening power freshens, softens and beats static cling without the use of animal-derived ingredients
– USDA Certified Biobased Product. Fragranced with essential oils and botanical extracts.
– Free of dyes & synthetic fragrances
– Non-toxic, biodegradable
– Hypoallergenic formula is clinically proven to be gentle on skin.

Usage direction:
– Fill to Medium line (3/4 oz.) for medium loads, for large loads fill to Large line (1 oz.)
– Add into water, not directly on laundry, during final rinse cycle.
– Use appropriate dispenser if available.
– Contains 42 loads as measured to medium dose.