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Eye Makeup Remover Cleansing Stick

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Canmake cleansing stick is an oil-based cleanser in a stick format. The stick melts and turns into a liquid, quickly melting into even the softest areas of skin and those that are trickiest to reach, allowing you to remove your make-up smoothly.

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– Canmake Cleansing Stick quickly cleans up and repairs your make-up.
– An oil-based cleanser in a meltingly-smooth stick format.
– Contains 46% plant-derived ingredients, such as sunflower seed oil. Melts into a rich oil that removes make-up without rubbing!
– Perfect to deal with eye make-up shed and waterproof make-up that has run or bled, as well as for changing your make-up.
– Contains sunflower seed oil (emollient agent) to maintain moisture

Usage Guide
– STEP 1 Blend directly in a circular motion into the area where you want to remove the make-up. Use the edge to get at tricky areas!!!
– STEP 2 Use a tissue or cotton pad to gently wipe it off.
– STEP 3 Use a tissue to wipe off any product remaining from the end and keep it free from impurities!