Canmake Lash Care Mascara 9

Lash Care Mascara (Curl)

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Contains lavish quantities of 11 lash essence ingredients for healthy eyelashes, mascara maintains seductive lashes with an irresistible curl.

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– Conditions your lashes the whole time you’re wearing make-up.
– Waterproof formulation, film type, no fibers.
– Easily removed with warm water, so you can even apply it to false lashes.


Canmake Lash Care Mascara usage 1Step 1: Enhanced separation effect!
Using the side with longer bristles,move the brush upwards from root to tip, using a small side-to-side motion as you do so, as though combing your lashes.


Canmake Lash Care Mascara usage 2

Step 2: Make the curl last even longer!
Using the side with shorter bristles, apply the brush to the root of the lashes, press upwards firmly, and wait a short while.
Then, without removing the brush from your lashes, continue to comb upwards to the tips.

Canmake Lash Care Mascara usage 3Step 3: For your lower lashes, use the tip of the side with shorter bristles to comb the mascara through from the roots to the tips of your lashes.

Lash Care Mascara Gloss Black Gloss Black: A glossy black that makes your lashes look vibrant. The secret of the luster lies in the touch of blue pearl that we’ve added. This gives it a beautiful sheen and depth.