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Day & Night Lip Plumper

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For plump, baby-soft lips with three effects you’ll want to keep with all the time: as a gloss, as a lip balm, as a daytime serum.

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Features:– Ingredients penetrate through to the stratum corneum, providing ample moisture. ⇒ For soft and lovely lips even while fast asleep.
– Packed with plant-and food-derived beauty ingredients.
– The pearl particles in this serum are mineral ingredients that are also found in skincare products.
– Pleasant, refreshing menthol boosts circulation in your lips (Algefacient). Conditions your lips, so it’s ideal to use as a base under your lip make-up.
– Contains no synthetic pigments. The delicate apricot color comes from astaxanthin and mineral agents.
Canmake Day Night Lip Plumper A delicate pearly orange that you can also use to achieve a natural make-up look. (*Color is barely noticeable once applied.)


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