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Spatula Flipper

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The Spatula Flipper is ideal for turning eggs, flipping pancakes, overturning meats and veggies, icing cakes, scraping down bowls, stirring soups or even getting down to the bottom of the mayonnaise jar.

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– Mastrad Spatula Flipper has unique curved shape and silicone blade that easily adapt to all pan sizes.
– Completely stain resistant and dishwasher safe. Heat resistant to -40 đến 300°C.
– A fabulous sleek and modern design available in a range of juicy colours: green, raspberry, purple, orange.
– Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 33cm.
– Durable, safe in dishwasher.

Attention: Mastrad Spatula Flipper is unsuitable for direct contact with fire over long period of time. Doing so may cause item to lose shape, color, or break quickly.


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