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Silicone Terrine Dish

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Mastrad Silicone Terrine Dish gives golden coloured and soft-textured cooking results: in the oven, microwave, steam cooker or in a bain-marie. Terrine is Raspberry color.

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– Silicone Terrine Dish has lid with hole for cooking thermometer
– Made from non-stick silicone, easy and quick to remove food
– Unbreakable with rigid, easy-to-grasp handles
– Stain resistant surface
– Microwave and oven safe
– Highly resistant to extreme temperatures: + 220°C / – 40°C
– Dishwasher safe

– Suitable for savoury dishes (meat pie, custards)
– Especially great for sponge cake, sweet dessert

– Do not use Mastrad Silicone Terrine Dish in direct contact with gas stove, BBQ fire, wood stove…