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Biscuits – Almond Thins 100g

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This delicate biscuit made with real butter, sugar candy and ripe soft almonds from Valencia in 1886 laid the foundation of Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper.

A classic butter thin made with all-natural ingredients; traditional European quality from a fourth-generation family-owned firm. Enjoy alone or with ice cream.

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A brief history:
Originally Almond Thins was a business gift for the customers of Jules Destrooper, a merchant of colonial wares. The biscuit was very much appreciated and soon the first orders starting coming in.

Almond thins are, according to the ‘Academy for Regional Gastronomy’, a speciality of Brussels, Veurne as well as Lo-Reninge, and are closely related to speculoos (traditional Belgian biscuits). In fact, they are are often confused with speculoos in recipe books because the two biscuits share same ingredients. Both are prepared with brown sugar and a mixture of ground nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander, ginger powder and cloves, all traditional spices for baking biscuits and cake. This tough cake dough must be left overnight in a cool place. The next day the dough is sliced very finely and place on a baking tray to be baked.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, brown sugar, butter, ripe almond. May contain traces of soy, nuts and sesame.


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