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Biscuits – Apple Thins 100g

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Refined sweet crumbly biscuit with a selection of apple pieces from Normandy. This French region is well known for its many apple varieties and gastronomic recipes using them as ingredients. Candied apple pieces give this biscuit a fresh touch.

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Jules Destrooper Apple Thins are very delicate cookie studded with spiced apple flavor bits. A classic butter thin made with the finest golden delicious apples; enjoy alone or with ice cream. The premium biscuits are made with all-natural ingredients; traditional European quality from a fourth-generation family-owned firm.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, butter 18% (milk), apple 5% (concentrated apple puree, glucose fructose syrup, glucose syrup, sugar, wheat fibre, coagulant: pectin, acid regulator, sunflower oil, natural flavoring), egg, syrup, sodium bicarbonate, salt, cinnamon. May contain traces of soy, nuts and sesame.


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