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Biscuits – Butter Crisps 100g

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This golden, crispy and well-known butter waffle is today still being baked according to a 19th century secret family recipe.

A classic butter thin made with all-natural ingredients; traditional European quality from a fourth-generation family-owned firm. Enjoy alone or with ice cream.

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A brief history:
In 2006, the VLAM granted the natural butter waffle of Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper the official quality label ‘Regional Westhoek product’. In the Westhoek this waffle is called a ‘lukke’.

The origin of this name lies in the fact that Jules Destrooper’s Waffle was a New Year’s present. It used to be common for children to wish their godfather or godmother a happy (in Dutch ‘gelukkig’) New Year. In exchange for this New Year’s greeting they would receive these thin hard waffles, sometimes combined with a shot. Every woman had her own recipe and baking the waffles was part of a ritual which started on Boxing Day and continued up to New Year’s Eve.

Baking these ‘lukken’ was a typical home industry. Every house had its own recipe and a special waffle iron made by the local blacksmith.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, butter 18% (milk), egg, sea salt, sodium bicarbonate. Contains gluten. May contain traces of soy, nuts and sesame.


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