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Biscuits – Ginger Thins 95g

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Crunchy ginger cookies with a hint of spicy cinnamon. Taste amazing with ice cream, yoghurt, whip cream or dessert pudding. Great choice for tea parties.

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A little history:
Jules Destrooper’s Ginger Thins is a crisp cookie with a lively flavour of ginger and a touch of cinnamon. Ginger is well known for its healing properties. It is said that eating a piece of ginger is helpful against travel sickness and a sore throat, and has a positive influence on the circulation.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, butter, 100% real ginger, cinnamon, salt, ginger extract, natural flavouring. Jules Destrooper Ginger Thins biscuits may contain traces of egg, soy and sesame.


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