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Cooking Cream 200ml

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Emborg Cooking Cream is a lighter alternative, offering the same fresh and natural cream flavour as the Whipping Cream. Great in both warm or cold applications from creamy sauces and soups to succulent custards in both savory and sweet kitchens. Product of Germany.

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Why choose Emborg Cooking Cream?
– UHT treated cooking cream is slightly viscous, not lumpy
– Add creamy texture to your dish but does not curdle when heated up
– Cooking cream with reduced dairy fat content is lighter than regular creams.

Volume: 200ml

Ingredients: Cream, emulsifier (E472b, E471), stabiliser (E466, E407).

– Chilled storage at 5ºC
– Do not freeze
– Sử dụng hết trong vòng 3 ngày sau khi mở nắp.


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