Swiss Style Emmentaler Cheese 200g

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Emborg Emmentaler Cheese is the classic Swiss Cheese: a hard cheese made from cows milk, ivory in colour, with a light smooth sweet taste. Product of Germany.

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Ingredients: Pasteurised milk (Cow milk), salt (0,5%), Lactic culture, rennet (microbial)

Emborg Emmentaler Cheese Feature:
– Hard cheese, golden ivory in colour, with cherry-sized holes
– Smooth and nutty taste
– Easy to slice, grate
– High melting quality: great for pizza, sandwiches, potato gratin or mix with Gruyère cheese to make fondue

Storage: Keep refrigerated from 2 to 5ºC.

Fun facts:
Emmentaler Cheese is named after the Emmental region of Switzerland and deemed to be a cheese representative of this snowy country. This cheese is easily recognizable through large round holes, created during the fermentation process. However, historically, the holes were a sign of imperfection, and until modern times, Swiss cheese makers would try to avoid them.


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