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Swiss Premium Low Fat Yoghurt – Strawberry 100g

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Emmi Swiss Premium Low Fat Yoghurts are famous for their creamy texture with pure and rich taste. Made using 100% fresh milk from the Swiss Alps with 5% strawberries.

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Why choose Emmi Swiss Premium Yoghurt?
The creamy smooth low fat yoghurt is made from pure fresh Alpen milk and selected fruits. Low fat (FDM:1.5%) and with live culture. Hala certificated.

Net weight: 100g

Ingredients: Swiss milk, sugar, milk proteins, live lactic cultures (Sc. thermophilus, Lb. bulgaricus, Lb. acidophilus), fruit preparation: (Strawberries, sugar, modified starch, beetroot juice concentrate, flavour [natural identical], preservatives: sorbic acid)

Storage: Cool storage at +4 to +6ºC.

About Emmi:
Well known throughout Europe, Emmi® is a Swiss dairy products company famous for luscious Swiss style yogurts, artisan cave-aged cheese and rich, warm fondues. Nestled between the Alps in the heart of Switzerland, the core of Emmi’s tradition centers on the highest quality standards which lead to a truly superior taste experience.


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